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A brief history of the French Championship

The first French championship, described as "unofficial" because it took place before the creation of the French Chess Federation (FFE) in 1921, was played in Lyon from July 26 to 31, 1914. Due to the call for general mobilisation of the 1st World War, on August 1, 1914, the meeting during which the French Chess Federation was to be created was cancelled. The winner, Alphonse Goetz, received a “vase of Sèvres”, offered by the President of the Republic, which eventually became the traditional trophy of the French Champion.

Two years after the creation of the FFE (1921), the official French championship was born (1923). From then on, it was organised every year to date (except in 1939, 1944 and 1960).

Today, the French championship includes 9 tournaments: the National and the Women's National which award the title of French Champion of France and women's French Champion; Accession, the Veteran tournament which awards the title of French Veteran Champion, and 5 opens - A, B, C, D, E- which group players of equivalent levels together.


  • 8 times French champion: Etienne Bacrot (1999, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 08, 12, 17)
  • 6 times French Champion:
    • Maurice Raizman (1932, 36, 46, 47, 51, 52),
    • Cesar Boutteville (1945, 50, 54, 55, 59, 67)
  • Four times French champion: Jean-Luc Seret (1980, 81, 84, 85)

French women's Championship

A Women's French championship were organised regularly until the Second World War. Foreign players were admitted, and the title was awarded to the highest ranked French player. After the war, there is only trace of 3 championships (from 1955 to 1957). It is not until 1975, under the impetus of Melinka Merlini, for a women's French championship to be organised each year. Until 1997, the French women's Championship was sometimes organised at the same time as the French championship, most often separately. Since 1998, like its mixed counterpart (the National), it has become an integral part of the French championship and has become the Women's National.


  • 6 times Women’s French Champion:
    • Almira Skripchenko (2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2015),
    • Sophie Milliet (2003, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2016, 2017)
  • 5 times Women’s French Champion
    • Melinka Merlini (1975, 75, 77, 78, 80)
    • Christine Flear (1985, 91, 94, 98, 99).
  • 4 times Women’s French Champion : Marie-Jeanne Frigard (1924, 1925, 1926, 1927)


YearMan / Mixed winnerWomen's winnerLocation
2019Maxime Lagarde
(After tie-break)
Pauline Guichard
(After tie-break)
2018Tigran Gharamian
(After 3-way tie-break)
Pauline GuichardNîmes
2017Étienne Bacrot
(After tie-break)
Sophie MillietAgen
2016Matthieu CornetteSophie Milliet
(After 3-way tie-break)
2015Christian Bauer
(After tie-break)
Almira SkripchenkoSaint-Quentin
2014Laurent FressinetNino MaisuradzeNîmes
2013Hicham Hamdouchi
(After tie-break)
Nino MaisuradzeNancy
2012Romain Édouard
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
Christian Bauer
Étienne Bacrot
Almira SkripchenkoPau
2011Maxime Vachier-LagraveSophie MillietCaen
2010Laurent Fressinet
(After tie-break)
Almira SkripchenkoBelfort
2009Vladislav TkachievSophie MillietNîmes
2008Étienne Bacrot
(After tie-break)
Sophie MillietPau
2007Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
(16 ans et 10 mois)
(After tie-break)
Silvia Collas
(After tie-break)
2006Vladislav Tkachiev
(After tie-break)
Almira SkripchenkoBesançon
2005Joël LautierAlmira SkripchenkoChartres
2004Joël LautierAlmira SkripchenkoVal-d'Isère
2003Étienne Bacrot
(After 3-way tie-break)
Sophie MillietAix-les-Bains
2002Étienne Bacrot
(After tie-break)
Marie SebagVal-d'Isère
2001Étienne Bacrot
(After 3-way tie-break)
Maria LeconteMarseille
2000Étienne BacrotMarie Sebag (13 ans)Vichy
1999Étienne Bacrot
(aged 16 years 8 months)
Christine FlearBesançon
1998Iossif DorfmanChristine Flear
(After tie-break)
1997Anatoli VaïsserMalina NicoaraNarbonne
1996Christian Bauer (19 ans)Claire GervaisAuxerre
1995Éric PriéRaphaëlle BujishoToulouse-Labège
1994Marc Santo-Roman
(After tie-break)
Christine FlearChambéry
1993Emmanuel BricardClaire GervaisNantes
1992Manuel Apicella
(After tie-break)
Claire Gervais (16 ans)
(After tie-break)
1991Marc Santo-Roman
(After tie-break)
Christine FlearMontpellier
1990Marc Santo-RomanJulia Lebel AriasAngers
1989Gilles MirallèsSabine FruteauÉpinal
1988Gilles Andruetnon disputé (faute d'organisateur)Val Thorens
Christophe Bernard
(After tie-break)
Sabine Fruteau (15 ans)Rouen
et Lyon (After tie-break)
1986Gilles Mirallès
(After tie-break)
Julia Lebel AriasÉpinal
1985Jean-Luc Seret
(After tie-break)
Christine LeroyClermont-Ferrand
1984Jean-Luc SeretIsabelle Kientzler
(12 ans)
1983Aldo Haïk
(After tie-break)
Julia Lebel-AriasBelfort et
La Gacilly
(After tie-break)
1982Nicolas GiffardMartine DuboisSchiltigheim
1981Jean-Luc Seret
(After tie-break)
Josiane Legendre
(After tie-break Sonneborn-Berger)
1980Jean-Luc Seret
(After 3-way tie-break)
Milinka MerliniPuteaux et
La Clusaz
(After tie-break)
1979Bachar Kouatly
(After tie-break)
Monique Ruck-PetitCourchevel
et Lyon (After tie-break)
1978Nicolas GiffardMilinka MerliniCastelnaudary
1977Louis RoosMilinka MerliniLe Touquet
1976François Chevaldonnet
(After tie-breaks à 5)
Milinka MerliniSaint-Jean-de-Monts
et Nantes
1975Miodrag TodorcevicMilinka MerliniDijon
1974Jean-Claude Letzelter Chambéry
1973Michel Benoit Vittel
1972Aldo Haïk Rosny-sous-Bois
1971Jean-Claude Letzelter
(vainqueur au
départage Buchholz)
1970Jacques Maclès Mulhouse
1969Jacques Planté Pau
1968Jean-Claude Letzelter Lyon
1967César Boutteville Dieppe
1966Volf Bergraser
(vainqueur au départage)
1965Guy Mazzoni Dunkerque
1964Michel Roos Montpellier
1963André Thiellement
(*ex æquo*, conserve son titre)
1962André Thiellement Paris
1961Guy Mazzoni Paris
1960*Non disputé*
1959César Boutteville Reims
1958Claude Lemoine
(vainqueur au départage
Le Touquet
1957Volf BergraserHenriette VazeilleBordeaux
1956Pierre Rolland
(vainqueur au départage
Isabelle Choko[30]Vittel
1955César BouttevilleHenriette VazeilleToulouse
1954César Boutteville Marseille
1953Xavier Tartakover Paris
1952Maurice Raizman Charleville
1951Maurice Raizman Vichy
1950César Boutteville Aix-en-Provence
1949Claude Hugot Besançon
1948Nicolas Rossolimo Paris
1947Maurice Raizman Rouen
1946Maurice Raizman Bordeaux
1945César Boutteville Roubaix
1944*Non disputé*
1943Louis BigotSuzanne DehellyPau
1942Roger DanielMmeDuvalParis
1941Robert CrépeauxGermaine LongParis
1940Amédée Gibaud Nice
1939*Non disputé*
1938Aristide Gromer
(*ex æquo*,
conserve son titre)
Paulette SchwartzmannNice
1937Aristide GromerMmeAnglès d'AuriacToulouse
1936Maurice RaizmanChantal Chaudé de Silans (17 ans)Paris
1935Amédée GibaudPaulette SchwartzmannSaint-Alban-les-Eaux
1934Victor KahnMaud FlandinParis
1933Aristide GromerPaulette SchwartzmannSarreguemines
1932Maurice RaizmanJeanne d'Autremont
La Baule
1931André Muffang Lille
1930Amédée GibaudLouise PapeRouen
1929André ChéronJeanne d'AutremontSaint-Claude
1928Amédée GibaudJeanne d'AutremontMarseille
1927André ChéronMarie Jeanne FrigardChamonix
1926André ChéronMarie Jeanne FrigardBiarritz
1925Robert CrépeauxMarie Jeanne FrigardNice
1924Robert Crépeaux
(vainqueur au départage
Marie Jeanne FrigardStrasbourg
1923Georges Renaud Paris
1914Alphonse Goetz Lyon